The Matabi range of sprayers  is manufactured by Goizper

Goizper, S.Cooperative, with its headquarters in Antzuola, in the north of Spain near the French border, was founded in 1959. The cooperative currently employs 200 members involved in two product lines, namely power transmission components (approximately 30% of the business) and manual sprayers (the remaining 70% of the business).

The spraying division manufactures knapsack, garden and electric sprayers and dusters for the agricultural, gardening, industrial, indoor and household markets and are made under the Matabi, Osatu, Inter and IK brand names.

The Goizper slogan of Guaranteed by Specialists™ is based on their more than 40 years of experience dedicated exclusively to these products. Goizper has been ISO-9001:2000 accredited since 1995. Their production capacity of 3000 compression sprayers and 2400 knapsack sprayers per 8-hour shift allow them to respond immediately to large order requests

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Matabi Sprayers

Matabi Sprayers

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