Water Filtration

Global Water Solutions Ltd. (GWS) offer a comprehensive and wide range of pressure vessels ranging in size from 0.16 to 10,000 liters for heating, thermal, pressure booster, water hammer, reverse osmosis and water well applications. GWS products are available in 100 countries around the world.

GWS’s unique product offering includes its patent protected CAD-2 diaphragm tanks, its line of single diaphragm tanks with patented water connection as well as a series with replaceable tiered membrane designs. This combination provides GWS’ customers with flexibility in selecting products for specific applications. All GWS’s products undergo a series of stringent tests to ensure their excellent quality and they also offer their customers an extensive, industry beating warranty. GWS is also at the forefront of international regulatory issues with approvals from WRAS, NSF, PED, ACS, GOST and other country specific approvals.

The majority of GWS tanks are fitted with fixed diaphragms and are maintenance free. There is thus no need to check the air pressure at all! Apart from their standard 10 bar tanks, they also offer high pressure 16 and 25 bar tanks to accommodate all customer requirements.

Additionally, GWS offers the following tank variations –

  • The lightweight, composite design C2-Lite CAD™ tanks which offer an efficient and cost effective solution. These tanks are designed with the patented controlled action diaphragm design.
  • FlowThru™ tanks are also available in steel and composite and feature GWS’s exclusive patented FlowThru™ technology which ensures that your system provides the freshest water quality possible by eliminating stagnation.
  • HydroGuard™ shock arresters specifically designed for use in hydraulic hammer arresting applications.
  • Thermowave™ series for use in potable water heating applications.
  • HeatWave™ series for hydronic expansion and boiler systems.
  • SolarWave™ series which is designed to control the expansion and contraction of solar thermal transfer fluids in solar heating systems.
  • PumpWave™ series which is an electronic autoclave pump control which eliminates frequent small draw-off pump starts due to leaks and low flow pumping applications.

GWS’ distinctive approach places a premium on customer service and focuses particular attention on after sales service and field support for its customers. The company’s broad product offering, the innovative product development and the highly experienced technical sales and engineering staff all continue to distinguish the company from its key competitors and enable the company to provide its customers with the best products and services available.

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GWS - Pressure Tanks

GWS - Pressure Tanks

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GWS - Water Treatment

GWS - Water Treatment

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